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做旅游攻略的英文怎么写_做旅游攻略的英文怎么写的       对于做旅游攻略的英文怎么写的问题,我有些许经验和知识储备。希望我的回答能够为您提供一些启示和帮助。1.旅游









       tourist route/track/line; travelling route/line; travel line/route旅游路线

       According to relevant experts 'prediction, booking tickets, rooms, scenic spots and tourist route will become fashionable topics and conscious actions for tourists after SARS time. 据有关专家预测,非典过后,网上订票、订房、订景点、订旅游路线将成为游客时髦的话题和自觉的行动。

       We stayed in a small hotel, well off the tourist track. 我们呆在一家小旅馆里,远离旅游路线。

       At the same time, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River is one of the six golden tourist international line of China. 同时,长江三峡还是中国向国际市场推出的六条黄金旅游线路之一。


       旅游:trip; journey; tourism; travel; tour

       春游:spring tour

       秋游:autumn outing



       夏游:summer outing(tour)

       冬游:winter outing(tour)



        LONDON, England. A capital city full of art and history. An important political centre. A huge financial market place.


        Whatever you think about London, visiting as a tourist is very different from living there. Each part of London has its own character. Some parts are richer than others, or more industrial, or have better housing.


        Let's start with the centre, the "Square Mile". This is the oldest part of London. In the past, this is where all financial business was done. Not many people live here, but 300,000 people work here every day.


        The summer vacation will e.Everyone has their plans.Here are my plans.

        I plan to go to the Hong Kong.Because it's a good place to shop.And the food is really delicious there.I also want to go to the Disney Amusement Park.It's one of the most famous amusement parks around the world.I think I will have a good time.The Hong Kong's night is beautiful.I will take some photos about it.

        I believe I will enjoy my summer vacation.


        This holiday,I want to go to Beijing.On the first day,I am going to climb the GreatWall.On the second day,I am going to visit SummerPlace.On the third day ,I am going to Lanzhou by plane.


        Night studying the details of the trip, a look at the map, an island, a famous city. see the city, of former geography textbooks and the novels of dickens. in england except o days of work, there are seven days of time in britain, how to arrange the seven days? london to oxford and cambridge, i will go to the list. edinburgh, manchester and liverpool feel nottingham, the ritz, birmingham, at newcastle,


        我也是网上帮你求来的。希望对你有帮助,英语也能更上一层楼,还望你采纳。 1 It is exciting to visit different places. As you travel, you will see beautiful sceneries typical of the region. Besides, you can meet and make friends with people of different colors and races. Finally, you can get to know the customs and living habits of the local people. Today people are so fond of travelling that touri *** has bee one of the faster growing industries in most countries. The main reason why people travel is, perhaps, for pleasure. For example, having worked hard throughout the weekdays, people will find a widened trip to the nearby mountains or beaches a real relaxation. For another example, spending an annual holiday travelling abroad is an especially satisfying experience for those who do not have much of an opportunity to be away from their homelands. When people return from their travel, they will generally feel fresh and energetic, ready to work harder. 2 Travelling is also one of the best means for learning. You may have read or heard about something but you can never get an aurate picture of it until you see it for yourself. Seeing is believing. Furthermore, if you area careful observer, you can learn much during your travel about the geography, biology, and history of the places you visit. No matter how well educated you are, there is always a lot for you to learn through travelling. The knowledge acquired from travel, as you will have found in your life, is no less valuable than that from any influential reference book. 3 I love traveling. Traveling not only broadens my horizons but also opens my eyes to the world. What's more, it refreshes me. You can go to Disneyland and experience what it's like to be “a child again!” You can visit one of the “seven wonders of the world,” such as the Grand Canyon and feel the magnificence of nature! You can taste the “magicial” ice water on a glacier, which can help you bee more beautiful and make you live longer. Just fet all trifles and burdens that you have in your mind. Experience is a type of living knowledge. You'll be sure to experience many new things when traveling. You don't even need a tour guide if you long for more freedom. Just don't fet to bring your backpack!



        My traveling plan

        I hope to go on a trip to Beijing,but my mother always tells me "you can't".She thinks I am too young to go to Beijing,and I am too busy at school.This term is over,To my surprise,my mother will take me to Beijing.I am very excited!Then I have a traveing plan for this trip:firstly I will go to the tian'anmen square,I will take many pictures,then I am going to the palace museum,I can see many old builds there.secondly,I am goingto the wangfujing street,we will buy many things,for example,foods,clothes and some books.then I will go home. I think I will have a great trip to Beijing.


        Next week will be Spring Festival. I will go to my hometown with my girl friend. We will stay with my parents for seven days. We will leave the day after tomorrow. And we will e back in February. .


        During the summer, my father, my mother went to Yunnan, where things are strange and different forms of speaking people really listen to their tire.In Yunnan, the had many strange things, which I had the honor to visit several of them strange monsters.We rode the train after a day and a night's journey has finally e full of strange gas Yunnan. Coming here, I and my father, my mother first of all the baggage into the book a good hotel room, and then they excitedly came to Yunnan, one of the strange - to eat 'fried grasshopper'. A say strange, but very interesting to eat 'fried grasshopper' never heard of, 'grasshopper' is not a do not eat But here saying 'grasshopper' eat is really unheard of, but that's down something new. We have all Le Zizi owner to sell pork dumplings, three-point string of 'deep-fried grasshopper'. I saw that the boss has just e immediately after listening to string a good 'grasshopper', then she went over there to go to the oven. He sat beside the oven in one hand and open the oven, transfer You've got one hand holding a 'grasshopper' string constant in the oven and turn on the grill back and forth. Baked later, he Bianjiang 'grasshopper' to get oil with the deep-fried. About a minute or o later, "Wow!" A sweet- *** elling real 'deep-fried grasshopper' was born. String which has just been cooked 'fried grasshopper' people really salivate after reading. I can not wait to took a bunch of them, suddenly fragrant. A bite, "Wow!" It tastes great. I was immediately attracted by that delicious, eating eating. Eat very sweet, very happy, eat Liulianwangfan.Yunnan is not only to eat here, the strange, but there are also strange flower. Do not say you did not know, where the flowers are in bloom all year round, so here is the best thing to buy flowers. Mom and I happily picked flowers, will they get the hotel going, suddenly, brightly colored flowers to a quiet room added some life.Yunnan, a dozen or so strange, really big eye-opener for me, and I also know that more knowledge of Yunnan to learn more customs here.In this full of magic and fun of travel, let me feel very happy. 了夏天,我的父亲,我的母亲去云南,那里的东西都是很陌生,不同形式的母语的人士真正听取他们的轮胎。在云南,有许多奇怪的事情,我有幸访问了其中一些奇怪的怪物。我们坐火车一天后和一夜的旅程终于来到了奇怪的气体云南爆满。来到这里,我和我的父亲,我母亲第一次在书的所有行李一个良好的酒店房间,然后他们兴奋地来到云南,一个奇怪的 - 吃'油炸蝗虫'。甲说奇怪,但非常有趣的吃'油炸蝗虫'从来没有听说过,'蝗虫'是不是不吃饭吗?但是这里说'蝗虫'吃的,真是闻所未闻的,但是这下新的东西。我们都乐资淄业主出售猪肉水饺,3点'串油炸蝗虫'。我看到,老板刚刚听完一串好'蝗虫'马上,然后她去那边去烤箱。他坐在旁边的一只手,开启烤箱烤炉,转让,一方面你必须持有'蝗虫'字串在烤炉和烤架上来回转常数。烤后,他Bianjiang'蝗虫'来获得与油炸油。大约两分钟后,“哇!”阿香真正的'油炸蝗虫'诞生了。字串刚熟'油炸蝗虫'的人看了真的垂涎三尺。我不能等待了,其中一群,突然芬芳。咬一口,“哇!”味道好极了。我立刻吸引了可口的,吃吃饭。吃得很甜蜜,很开心,吃流连忘返。云南省不仅要在这里吃,奇怪的,但也有奇怪的花。不要说你不知道,那里的鲜花盛开,都是全年的,所以这里是最好的购买鲜花。妈妈和我高兴地采摘鲜花,他们将获得酒店前往,突然,鲜艳的花朵来一个安静的房间增加了一些生活。云南,有十几个奇怪的,真正的大眼睛,对我来说揭幕战,我也知道,云南更多的知识,以了解更多关在这里。在这个神奇的旅行充满趣味,让我感到很高兴。


        My travel plans

        My travel plans are many, I tell you my favorite travel plan, is go to huang shan to play. First I by cable car to light , on their way to see the beautiful scenery.

        When I down from the light is not choose by cable car, but choose to walk down the mountain. Because in the way I can enjoy the beautiful scenery, and streams than who run fast. Though very tired, but I can enjoy the beautiful scenery.




       问题一:旅游英语是什么? 旅游英语是用语给外国人做导游是用的,所以这个专业还是适合做导游的人读的。

        问题二:去旅游的英文是什么 “去旅游”这个说法在英语中可以用多种方式表达,可以是短语形式的go on a trip,go on a travel,have a journey,也可以使用单个动词,比如trip,travel,journey,tour等等。


        Did you have a good trip? 你们旅行愉快吗?

        How did you like your travel to London? 你认为你们到伦敦的旅行怎么样?功During my last trip to Bath, I met an interesting woman. 在我去巴斯的旅途中,我遇到一位有趣的女士。

        The old man travelled to many remote countries. 那个老人旅行去过很多遥远的国度。

        They made a plan for journeying overland across North America. 他们做了计划,要横穿北美洲。

        They are touring in India. 他们正在印度游历。

        问题三:旅行和旅游的英语单词分别是什么 1.journey 一般用于路途较远的长途线性旅游

        例如:A pleasant journey to you!


        tour 一般用于巡回游,比如巡游世界一圈,这样的,一般都是回来了才用这个说,完成了一个轨迹,

        例如I'd like to tour in panies that go round the country.



        trip 一般用于简单的旅行出差之类的

        例如:He has gone on a business trip.




        must can might peobably maybe


        问题四:旅行的英文是什么? 1 动词 to travel; to tour; to journey; to get about (or around)

        2.名词 a tour; a journey; a trip

        问题五:“去旅行”的英文(短语)是什么? “去旅行”

        如果用journey的短语可以写: go on a journey。


        go on a trip

        take a trip

        go travelling



        问题六:国际旅游的英文定义? 简单的定义,第一段就搞定。如果要展开一些,就加上后面两段内容。

        International Touri *** is travel to accross countries for recreational, leisure or business purposes.

        It has bee a popular global leisure activity and is important and in some cases vital for many countries, such as France, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon, Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and Thailand, and many island nations, such as Mauritius, The Bahamas, Fiji, Maldives, Philippines and the Seychelles.

        It brings in large amounts of ine in payment for goods and services available, contributing an estimated 5% to the worldwide gross domestic product (GDP), and it creates opportunities for employment in the service industries associated with touri *** . These service industries include transportation services, such as airlines, cruise ships and taxicabs; hospitality services, such as acmodations, including hotels and resorts; and entertainment venues, such as amusement parks, casinos, shopping malls, music venue梗 and theatres.



       [词典] tourist card;


       The Rough Guide to Nepal is a comprehensive guide to the region






       旅行, 游历, 旅游


       旅行, 游历, 巡回, 漫游







       A trip with visits to various places of interest for business, pleasure, or instruction.


       A group organized for such a trip or for a shorter sightseeing excursion.


       A brief trip to or through a place for the purpose of seeing it:


       a tour of the house.


       A journey to fulfill a round of engagements in several places:


       a pianist on a concert tour.


       A shift, as in a factory.


       A period of duty at a single place or job.





       To travel from place to place, especially for pleasure.


       To travel among various places while fulfilling engagements.



       To make a tour of:


       toured Europe last summer; officials touring the scene of the disaster.


       To present (a play, for example) on a tour.